Sirius Software - Marina System

The Marina Management System contains all the processing required to completely operate a Marina / Power Sports Company. It includes a basic Retail module with a built-in Rental submodule, Inventory Control / Purchasing and an integrated Accounting module. It also includes several “Marina” specific modules such as Service (Work Orders), Major Unit Inventory (Large Units such as boats and motors), Slip Management and Storage Management and is fully integrated into our Accounting, General Ledger and Sales Analysis modules. An optional “Short Order” Café module integrates with “food usage” to the rest of the modules. Immediate Emailing of most customer and internal transactions is available (such as Invoices, Work Orders and Unit Contracts). Bar Code recognition is used throughout the system.

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PDF contains Features and functions

  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing / Receiving
  • Vendor Price Book
  • Interface to Dealer Orders
  • Bar Codes Supported


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Integrated to Purchasing
  • User Vendor's Price Books
  • Day End Processing
  • Multiple Payment Types
  • Multi-Currency
  • Bar Codes Supported


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Detailed Estimates
  • Repair (Work) Orders
  • Problem Definition
  • Detailed Notes
  • Service History
  • Mechanic Scheduling

Rental Management

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Rental Inventory Control
  • Rental Agreement Print
  • Rental Tracking/History
  • Slip Management
  • Storage Management

Major Unit Inventory

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Complete Inventory Control
  • Separate Purchase Orders
  • Unit Configuration Builds
  • All Costing Details
  • Contract Subsytem
  • Floor Plan Subsystem

Short Order Cafe (optional)

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Entry by Table #
  • Bar Code / Lookup to food menu
  • Includes preparation
  • Prints "Cooking" order
  • Allows for split / individual bills
  • Interfaced to Gravity Payments Credit Card Terminal

Printing and Email Interface

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Interfaces to all Windows Printing Devices.
  • Prints to File or Screen (preview and selectable printing).
  • User may set Page length, Orientation and Font Size.
  • Email individual documents to Customers, Employees or Vendors.
  • Up to 4 Email Addresses per Customer or Manually Enter Email.


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Planning
  • Report Writer
  • Payroll w/Scheduler

All Modules

PDF contains Features and functions

  • 700+ Reports (Print Preview) include multiple filter
  • 600 Lookup/Inquiries
  • Full History
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Full Password System
  • Preprogrammed Hot Keys
  • Sales Analysis