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The Cyber Security Crisis


The Cyber Security Crisis:
Urgent And Critical Protections We Are Urging All Clients To Have In Place NOW To Protect Their Bank Accounts, Client Data, Confidential Information And Reputation From The Tsunami Of Cybercrime

Four Prime Reasons to Select Sirtawn Systems for IT Support in Aurora


Holistic IT Management Services: Sirtawn Systems has established over 35 years of expertise in providing steadfast IT solutions, coupled with continuous 24/7 system surveillance to ensure your business's technological infrastructure never misses a beat.


Reliable Data Backup & Swift Recovery Protocols: Our robust data backup and recovery services promise secure, offsite data storage, affording you the ability to quickly regain access to your data under any conditions.


Advanced Cloud Computing Solutions: Propel your team’s productivity to new heights with our leading-edge cloud computing services, leveraging the very latest in cloud technology for enhanced operational efficiency.


Flexible VoIP Phone Systems: Our state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems are designed to grow with your business, providing clear, uninterrupted communication essential for your expanding enterprise.

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Key Features of Our Aurora IT Support Services for Superior Business Productivity

Managed IT Services

Eliminate the threat of downtime with our proactive 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, handled by our team of certified IT specialists.

Data Backup & Recovery

Benefit from our advanced offsite data backup systems, designed for automatic, secure storage and quick retrieval, to ensure business continuity.

Cloud Computing

Utilize our secure cloud services to facilitate anytime, anywhere collaboration, with the added assurance of our rigorous security measures.

VoIP Services

Update and upscale your communication systems with our premium VoIP services, offering high-quality calls at a cost that undercuts traditional telephony.

Elevate Your Business with Sirtawn Systems IT Support in Aurora

For over three and a half decades, Sirtawn Systems has been the cornerstone for businesses in Aurora, providing the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. As an adept engineering firm, we craft custom, multi-layered defense strategies that meet your unique business needs head-on.

Our service range is comprehensive, protecting your business against viruses, malware, security breaches, and providing robust data backup/recovery, business continuity planning, compliance management, encryption, and more — all to keep your business secure every hour of every day.

Beyond Managed IT, Sirtawn Systems is at the forefront of developing specialized software solutions for industries including distribution, retail, manufacturing, and maritime. We work closely with you to fully understand your business processes, ensuring we deliver a powerful, integrated system to run your business with optimal efficiency.

Reach out to Sirtawn Systems today for premier IT support and services in Aurora, and secure a partnership that will drive your business forward.

The Cyber Security Crisis

    The Cyber Security Crisis

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See What Other Businesses In Aurora Are Saying About Us…

Weekly Decisions Made Effortlessly

The biggest single benefit to me is the Sirtawn Systems 52-week and monthly General ledger. Every 7 days, we use current weekly GL information to make informed management decisions.

Sirtawn Systems’ Retail and Payroll modules quickly streamline daily processing by integrating the Café, Boat Rentals, Slip/Storage Sales and Management functions. The Time Clock and Employee Scheduling saves hours off weekly management work.

The company is versatile and adaptive. They go well beyond your expectations to deliver your business success.

Change is hard. Covid-19 forced us to change how we did business. The work was involved, but Sirtawn Systems made changes to the software. We experienced our best year ever and our future will be easier and better.

They will match the Marina Software to your needs. Sirtawn Systems should be your first choice.

Port Perry Marina and Port Perry Marina Services John Mackey Owner
Port Perry Marina and Port Perry Marina Services
Port Perry, Ontario

All Departments Operate Under One Umbrella

The single biggest benefit to Monto Reno Marina has been being able to quickly access well organized information of our customers and vendors, history, service, receivables, general ledger and payables, all under one umbrella, one system.

The Sirtawn Software is truly customized to meet the needs of the marina industry. The system includes all areas of operation and we can request specialized changes if we may need them.

Having been a customer for more then 15 years, we are very pleased with the choice we made. I would recommend Sirtawn Systems as the #1 Marina Software to choose.


Monto Reno Marina Ltd. Bonnie Enwright Office Manager
Monto Reno Marina Ltd.
Lefroy, Ontario

Customized Software Saves Hours Of Work Every Week!

Brooks Feed is a Horse feed manufacturer, distributor and retailer of custom horse food. We use nutritional balanced formulae to create the right balance of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Sirtawn Systems has strategically customized their system to manage several critical features that are unique to our manufacturing business. Our manual Nutrition Formulas now automatically create finished “Feed” product and automatically reduces the used raw material. New formulae can be created from history and tailored to new customers with complex nutritional needs.

This customized software seamlessly integrates into the regular Inventory, Sales Order / Distribution system and includes a pricing matrix that creates multiple pricing levels based on current costs.

Barry Brown is extraordinarily responsive and tends quickly to our evolving business needs. Over the years, there’s virtually nothing we have requested that hasn’t been implemented.

Brooks Feed Ron Dean General Manager
Brooks Feed
Port Perry, Ontario