Sirius Software - Retail System

The Retail (Point-of-Sale) System centers around a comprehensive Inventory module which includes “SKU Tracking”, Bar Code recognition, integrated Purchasing, Special Orders, Complex Pricing and Back Orders. The Retail System supports 3 payment methods per transaction and multiple currency and is fully integrated into our Accounting, General Ledger and Sales Analysis modules. A specialized, “Formulae” based, process manufacturing is available as an option. Immediate Emailing of most customer and internal transactions is available.

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PDF contains Features and functions

  • Inventory Control
  • Vendor Price Book
  • Kit and Core Subsystems
  • Bar Codes Supported
  • Inventory Item Images
  • Detailed Usage Tracking


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Suggested Reorders
  • Booking Orders
  • Tracking Special Orders
  • Receiving Labels
  • Complete PO History
  • Detailed PO Inquiries


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Integrated to Purchasing
  • User Vendor's Price Books
  • Day End Processing
  • Multiple Payment Types
  • Multi-Currency
  • Bar Codes Supported

Sales Analysis

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Comparative reporting includes sales$, cost$, QTY, margin%, This/Last Yr. 12 months reporting, reporting by cust, and/or item, salesperson, product group.

Nutrition (Optional)

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Nutritional values by raw material
  • Formulas by user code, version and customer
  • Batch controlled processing
  • Shortage, used and production reports
  • Lookups to all formulas and batches
  • Interface to Inventory, Item Tracking, History

Printing and Email Interface

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Interfaces to all Windows Printing Devices.
  • Prints to File or Screen (preview and selectable printing).
  • User may set Page length, Orientation and Font Size.
  • Email individual documents to Customers, Employees or Vendors.
  • Up to 4 Email Addresses per Customer or Manually Enter Email.


PDF contains Features and functions

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Planning
  • Report Writer
  • Built-in Export Function

CDN Payroll

PDF contains Features and functions

  • Multiple Pay Rates
  • Payroll History
  • Vac. Accrual Control
  • Sales Commission
  • Employee Scheduler
  • Time Clock Input

All Modules

PDF contains Features and functions

  • 700+ Reports (Print Preview) include multiple filter.
  • 600 Lookup-list-STD.
  • Full History.
  • Transaction Tracking.
  • Full Password System.
  • Preprogrammed Hot Keys.