Software development is defined as the process of conceiving, defining, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, bug fixing, implementing and training. As time passes, some or all of these steps must be repeated and this may occur immediately after the initial implementation.

Why do you need software?

Your software should provide you with all the information required to run your business day to day, make all decisions plus prepare you with the knowledge to plan for the future. Your software should integrate smoothly with your internal procedures and operations. Your Software should not be just an accounting system.

Your Business Needs?

  • Do you consider your business operation unique?
  • Does your current software cater to the needs of your accountant not your business?
  • Are you currently running a software that is considered “Out of the Box” or as it is commonly called “off the shelf” software?
  • Are you using more than 1 software product to accomplish a normal day operations?
  • Are you required to enter the same data into more than 1 software because the systems duplicate the need for information?
  • Is there information you wish that your current software could store and use it to save you time and errors during normal daily management?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you should contact Sirtawn Systems for a free 1 hour consultation regarding your current software fit to your business.

Our Design Process:

  • Starts with defining and specifying the required “Output” from the “new” software. The “Output” includes the information, reports and / or decisions that must be made as a result of the “new” software.
  • Work backwards from the “Output” to define what data is required to achieve desired “output”. This would include data from any source, both internal and external to the company.
  • Specify any special conditions that are required to acquire the data.
  • Design the process to “flow” the acquired data through to the “output”. This “flowchart” would include the entry / acquisition of the data, the actual process, the storage and the final “output”.
  • Program, Test, De-bug and Document the process.
  • Implement the Software and Train the users.
  • Review the entire design and implementation process, compare the actual “Output” to the desired or expected “Output” and make any corrections required.