Just over 35 years ago, when Sirtawn Systems first opened their doors, we were basically selling hardware and “out-of-the-box” accounting systems. Programs such as ACCPAC, Macola, SBT and a few others were all that were available. Our customers were required to adjust their business practices to fit the processing of these programs. It did not take long before many of our customers wanted changes made to the programs but found out that either it couldn’t be done or it would be very expensive.

Sirtawn Systems started to develop some add-on products to the existing accounting packages but as these packages changed, we would be required to redo our add-on programs. At this point we made the decision to start developing our own accounting package which would include Inventory, Purchasing, Sales Order and Sales Analysis.

The company owners had many years of experience working for major distribution and manufacturing companies using “Mainframe” type computers and software. Based on our knowledge, we developed our software using structured code and subroutines. This would allow us, in the future, to easily make changes to our software to match the business requirements of our customers. At the time, structured code was a new type of organization within a program to make it easier to read, modify and maintain.

Our basic software was finished and included the full accounting system, the complete inventory system and the selling cycle software comprising of order entry, shipping and sales analysis. Following the implementation of our new software, we began our development on some specialized software for the transportation market. This included Courier and Trucking Delivery, Warehousing, Local Moving and “Long Distance” Moving software.

Over the years we have developed between 30 and 40 vertical markets, many of which are listed below. This website does not reference all of the vertical markets that we serve and should you be looking for something that you do not see please do not hesitate to call us.

The following Vertical Business Solutions have been developed as part of the Sirtawn’s “Sirius” Software System (most modules may be purchased separately):

  • Accounting - includes Accounts Payable, Receivable, General Ledger & Canadian Payroll / Personnel.
  • Construction - includes Project Costing, Invoicing & Accounting.
  • Distribution - includes Sales Orders, Inventory Control, Purchasing / Receiving & Sales Analysis. The Sales Analysis module is attached to most systems. It includes Quantity, Sales Dollars and Costs for all items by Customer, Customer Group, Salesperson, Territory, Product Group and Item#.
  • Houseboat Rental - includes a Specialized Reservation, Rental Scheduling and Invoicing Module linked to our full Accounting System.
  • Local Moving - includes Quotation Input, Rating and Charges, Work Orders, Billing & Accounting.
  • Manufacturing - includes Work Orders, Bill of Materials, Materials Issued / History, Labour Std. Control, Standard Routing, Material Requirements, Shop Floor Control, Master Scheduling (Machines & Labour), Labour Job Tickets, Project Management, Process and Reporting.
  • Marina - includes specialized POS (with Quick Rental), Inventory Control (with PO interface to major “Marine” suppliers), Major Unit Rental & Storage, Detailed Service and Repair, Major Unit Inventory (with MU Contract and Trade-in Functions, “Build a Unit” input and separate PO sub module), Slip and Storage Management, Sales Analysis & Accounting (with Payroll & Employee Scheduler).
  • Membership - includes Membership Management, Members Billing & Accounting.
  • Project Mgmt. - includes Project Control (Event Management), Quotation, Module, Budget Control, Billing & Accounting.
  • Publishing - includes Contract/Magazine Control, Budget Control, Billing, Production Control & Accounting.
  • Purchase Analysis - this new module is part the inventory group of programs. It tracks when every item is purchased by period and is intended to be used with the Sales Analysis Reports to optimize your purchasing cycle with your sales cycle.
  • Rental - includes Major Unit Rental and Storage (May be directly interfaced into the Retail Module.
  • Retail - includes Point-of-Sale (with Quick Rental and Mail Order options), Inventory Control, Purchasing/Receiving & Sales Analysis, User Defined Bar Codes. (May be used in conjunction with Sales Order Module)
  • Sales Order - includes Sales Orders (With Pick slips, Packing Slips), Distribution Module with Inventory Control, Purchasing/Receiving, Sales Analysis, User Defined Bar Codes & Accounting.
  • Service - includes Vehicle Repair Orders/History, Inventory Control, Service, Procedures & Accounting.
  • Transportation - includes Courier, Cartage and Trucking Modules, Invoicing, Driver Payroll (Broker Commissions and Employee Payroll), Delivery Statistics, Sales Analysis & accounting.
  • Warehousing - includes Receiving, Inventory Control and Shipping Modules, “Pick and Pack” processing, Invoicing, Warehousing/Movement Statistics, Sales Analysis & Accounting. This module will interface directly with the “Transportation” Module.
  • Reporting/Emails - All Modules in the Sirtawn’s “Sirius” System include “in-depth” reporting. Most modules have between 50 and 100 separate reports and most reports include user defined “Filters” to limit the data printed and a “Totals Only” option. All reports may be “viewed” on screen before printing selected pages. Most reports that are a single destination (1 customer with 1 or multiple emails, or 1 Vendor, etc) can be directly emailed from the print function.

Notes: We have also developed School Scheduling Software, Ski School/Membership Software, Sailing School / Membership Software, Chicken Maintenance Software, Horse Transportation Software and Farm/Barn Animal Maintenance just to name a few unique requests.