Retail Management System

The Retail Management System (Point-of-Sale) centers around a comprehensive Inventory module which includes “SKU Tracking”, Bar Code recognition, integrated Purchasing, Special Orders, Complex Pricing and Back Orders. The Retail System supports 3 payment methods per transaction and multiple currency and is fully integrated into our Accounting, General Ledger and Sales Analysis modules. Immediate Emailing of most customer and internal reports is available.

Retail Management Features

  • Separate Security Login function that controls cash drawer reporting.
  • Automatically generated Order numbers (for internal tracking).
  • Order may be a Purchase, Payment, Credit (no Inventory update), Return (Inventory Update), Quotation or a Rental.
  • Customer’s account may be set to Active, Inactive, Hold, Payment Required or No Orders.
  • Orders may be “suspended” and easily found and re-entered.
  • Special “Built in” Menu allows quick access to over 30 functions such as Mailing Lists, Customer’s AR, Till Payouts (with till receipt), Time Clock input, Purchase Order Lookups, “Customer Quick Setup” and Rental Reservations.
  • Handles deposits and up to 3 Payment methods including Foreign Exchange with a maximum of 26 Payment Cards & related GL Account#.
  • Selectable “Narrow” or “Wide” format Invoice is available.
  • Discount methods include Line by line, Total order and Order value discounts.

Order Details

  • "Available stock" popup (Includes multiple Locations, “On Order” quantities).
  • Find Inventory quickly using Bar Codes and Scanner, “Lookup Groups/Subgroups”, Lookup by Description, Lookup by Vendor or Lookup by Customer’s Purchased History.
  • Supports full “Kit” processing including “Kits-on-the-fly” and manufactured kits / Packaging “Kit” Control of “Substitutions”, “Package” pricing and Item quantities.
  • Serial number selected Inventory Items (“Full Tracking” from Receiving to Sale or “Partial Tracking” – Records on sale only).
  • Multiple Pricing methods (Simple or Complex) with Special Sale Pricing by Date function.

Day End Processing

  • Special “Day End” Menu for ease of processing.
  • Reports include Cash Terminal Reports, “On Account” Report, Rental Reports, Daily GL Distribution Report, Profit Reports, Item’s Sold Report, Serial# Report, Daily Sales Journal Report, Detailed Costing Reports, Variance Report and many others. All reports may be viewed on screen and pages selectively printed.
  • Automatic audit file of user adjusted prices.

Interfaces and Updates to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Inventory control Module and Vendors Price Book Database.
  • Updates to Back Orders, Sales Analysis, General Ledger and Accounts Receivable Modules.
  • Integrated to Purchasing Module (out-of-stock or non-stock inventory). Items may be directly added to a PO from the POS detail input and the Order flagged as a Sales Order. The Purchase Order system retains the Sales Order# and Customer# for tracking purposes.
  • Integrates to the "Notes" subsystem which allows for printing of standard note information on all documents including picking slips, sales orders, purchase orders and invoices. These Notes and /or “System” Notes may be attached to customers, products and vendors.