Manufacturing Management System

The Manufacturing Systems is a complete MRPii based solution. It centers around a comprehensive Inventory module which includes Order Entry, “SKU Tracking”, integrated Purchasing, Special Orders, Complex Pricing and Back Orders. Order Entry and / or “Inventory demand” creates Work Orders which use the “Bill of Materials”, Order Routing, Scheduling and Standard Costing modules. Our Project Management module may be used to “Front-end” the Manufacturing module. System integrates to AR, GL and Sales Analysis. Immediate Emailing of most customer and internal transactions is available.

The Manufacturing Management System includes several modules & functions

The Bill of Material module includes Sequencing of BOM, Quantity Used, Scrap Factor, Status, Effective Date and the ability to track Active, Forecast and Obsolete parts. Printing Single Level BOM, Indented BOM, Where-used List, Summarized BOM and Gross Requirements Report.

The Standard Costing module defines standard costs for material, labor and outside work.

The Product Routing module includes Routing Number with Release Number, Creation Date and Description, Standard Lots and Lead times with overlap percentage. The Route Details defines Route Types (Operation, Tools, Out Sources and Notes), Operation Types (Setup, Inspection, Move, Production and Rework) and Work centers (Machine Number, Load Code, & Manufacturing Parameters). Other functions include Route copy function with Resequencing, Print Operation / Tool Where-used Report, Routing Sheet and Lead Time Roll-up Report.

The Work Order Scheduling module controls the Material Plan & the Master Scheduling Functions including Order Status and Order Type, Manufacturing Item, Quantity, Route# & Allocation Control and Printing Work Orders, Material Plan, Suggested Purchase Order Report, MRP Exception

Report, Pegging Report and Master Schedule Detail Report.

The Material Requirements Planning module defines Materials required for each step of manufacturing.

The Shop Floor Control module defines the Machines and Personnel requirements on the Shop Floor.

The system also includes Labour Performance reporting and Time Tickets.

Other Functions and Reporting include:

  • Work Center Loading and Reports.
  • Daily Count Point Reporting.
  • Rough Cut Capacity Report and Exception Report.
  • Labor Performance Reporting and Job Cost Reporting.
  • Shop Calendar Control and Reporting.
  • Work Center Detail Leveling Function and Reporting.

The Manufacturing Management module integrates to the Inventory Control module (raw and finished goods and purchasing), Project Management module, Accounting module and Sales Order Processing module. The Time Tickets may be integrated into the Payroll / Personnel module “Time Clock” and “Employee Scheduling” functions.