Transportation Management

The Transportation Management System is a specialized group of modules including Courier and Truck Delivery, Warehousing, Long Distance and Local Moving (each is a separate module but can be integrated as required). “Transport” modules include Order Entry, multiple rating methods, dispatching, invoicing and driver payroll. The Warehousing Module also includes it’s own Inventory module, location control and “Warehousing Pricing” function. It is fully integrated into our Accounting, General Ledger and Sales Analysis modules and The “Trucks” associated with any of the modules may be linked to the Service module for “In-House” maintenance. Immediate Emailing of most customer and internal transactions is available (such as Order Confirmations, Invoices and Shipping Documents).

Transportation and Delivery Management

The Transportation Management Module is an “all encompassing” comprehensive module. It includes Order Entry, Automatic Order Rating (plus miscellaneous manual charges), Dispatching, Invoicing and Driver Commissions / Payroll (Driver Payroll integrates to AP and Payroll while the Invoicing process integrates to the Accounts Receivable module and General Ledger module).

The Transportation and Delivery Management features automatically generated Sales Order number, fully integrated Customer Master Files with default services, rates and multiple consignee addresses, multiple order types linked to different “Rate Groups & Tables” and Notes. The system supports separate vehicle and driver tracking, multi-currency, Bill-of-Lading control (detects duplicates, cross reference lookups) and “User-defined Charge Types” (such as Drop Charges, unlimited miscellaneous charges.

Rate Tables include Numeric Rate Tables based on Mileage, Weight, Skids, Pieces, # of Zones, Alphabetic Rate Tables Based on Destinations or Zones, Calculations include Maximum weight per piece (i.e. Skid), Flat Prices, Prices per piece, Accumulative prices by Quantity breaks and Automatic Extra charges based on Excessive Pieces, Weight, Hours or Mileage.

Other features include “Delivery Slip” creation (for pegboard Dispatching) & Driver Delivery Orders (Optional), Dispatching including Date/Time stamps for Order, Dispatch and Delivery Confirmation and Outstanding Orders and undelivered Reports.

Delivery Analysis consists of user defined Period Comparison reporting by Salesperson, Revenue class, Vehicle and Customer.

The system has a COD (Cash & Check) Control Subsystem and a Head Office / Multiple Accounts per Customer.

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System’s “Client Inventory & Shipping Module” mirrors our standard Inventory Control / Distribution Module in most details and functions. Client Inventory is tracked with the precision of the in-house Inventory Control including  Inventory Valuation, Low Inventory, Inventory Movement, etc., and is fully integrated with our Delivery / Transportation Module and our Accounting Modules (Accounts Receivable and General Ledger). The Warehousing Module is available in 2 formats – “Full Skid control” and “Pick and Pack”.

The system includes a formal “Receiving” Function provides detailed input by Customer, printed receipts, controlled updates to inventory and the ability to assign specific inventory locations and a formal “Shipping” Function (similar to “Receiving” in operation) provides a “point and shoot” method of selecting “Requested” Customer Product (“Pick and Pack”) or skids (“Full Skid Control”). The “Shipping” order may be accessed in it’s entirety from the “Transportation Entry” screen (Lookup is available). Alternately, the “Shipping” order may be created from the “Transportation Entry” screen by use of a quick key to build the order. In both cases, a “Warehouse Picking” document may be printed.

Moving Management System

The Long Distance Moving Management System and the Local Moving Management System are very similar to the Warehousing and Delivery Transportation Systems merged into one system. The system provides check list of quantities, sizes, weights, volumes and number of men (and other accessories) which are used to calculate the moving quote estimate. Our system has been designed to be modified to your particular method of calculating your estimate. The system provides a detailed “Miscellaneous Charges” database to allow the user to set up multiple charges as per their contract. This includes mileage, weight, volume, pieces, full truck and partial load.

The Order Entry process will print “Moving Documents” and “Contracts” as per your design and are available to be immediately emailed (if required). The Billing process commences with all of the actual entered and confirmed. Then the Invoice can be printed with the “Outstanding Amount” owing. Personnel hours are reported into the “Scheduling” module for payroll purposes.

The Moving Management System integrates into all accounting modules and the Sales Analysis module.