Houseboat Management System

The Houseboat Management Rental Module includes all types of rentals, specifically for House Boats but could include any type of Boat, RV or other vehicle. Each unit is given a unique Unit ID within a group. Each unit is defined separately with related details including Unit type, Maximum Dimensions (Length, Beam & Draft), Minimum Length, Master Rate Code (Rental Table), Unit features and facilities available plus 5 user defined features.

Each Reservation starts with a Tracking#, a Customer# and a requirement (Dates, Duration, etc.) and then the user matches up the requirements with the available units and dates from the “Available/Not Used Schedule” or using the “Available by Date Display”. A formal Rental Contract/Charter Agreement may be printed. Rental charges plus up to 10 miscellaneous charges may be invoiced at anytime (Deposits are tracked). The user may create and maintain “Dummy” units until the exact unit is scheduled.

The module provides full scheduling reports for all units based on Unit and / or dates.

House Boat Rental features

The Rental Unit Reservation Input includes Automatically generated Reservation numbers, Customer’s Information (Name, Address, 3 phone numbers, Fax#, Email address, Driver’s License#, Boating License), the Co-captain’s Information (Name, Address, 2 phone numbers, Driver’s License#, Boating License and Email address), Reservation notes, and Billing Notes.

  • The requested Departure Date, Time and Duration, automatically is used with the selected Unit or “Dummy” unit to calculate the rental rate. The Rate may be changed and “Locked”.
  • “Availability by Date” Lookup graphically displays up to 20 Units for 18 days. A simple press of the “+” or “-” keys moves the display forward or backward by 18 days.
  • Daily Functions include Reservation Assignment, Delays and Cancellations, Departures and Sign-in, Returns, and Rental Billing. The “Day-End” process may include Cash Drawer Reporting and balancing, GL update, Invoicing and other selected reports.
  • Lookups to Existing Reservations, Customers, Rental Units, History and other data are built-in throughout the system.
  • Quick setup for new Customers and / or add to Mail List.
  • Cash Control” includes Deposit “Trust Fund” accounting, multiple payments and multi-currency.
  • Up to 10 additional purchased items may be added to the Customer’s billing.
  • Many other minor features ensure smooth interface to manual procedures.

Management Reports include Rental Units Available Summary, Rental Days by Unit Report and Revenue by Rental Group and Unit Report. Most reports are available by Reservation# or with additional filters (such as Dates, Customer# and Location). Other Reports include Expected Departures List, Expected Return List, On Board List, Availability List, Master Unit List, Daily Rental Report, Cancellation List plus many more. System maintains “No-show” history. All reports may be viewed on screen and pages selectively printed.

The Houseboat Management System updates to General Ledger, Sales Analysis and Accounts Receivable Modules and fully integrates with the Marina Management System. An ASCii file output available for all files.