* The Transportation Module is an “all encompassing” complete module. It includes Order Entry, Automatic Order Rating (plus miscellaneous manual charges), Dispatching, Invoicing and Driver Payroll.
* Automatically generated Sales Order number.
* Fully integrated Customer Master Files with Default Services and Rates.
* Multiple Order Types linked to different Rate Groups & Tables
* Consignee address Sub-system with quick popup in Order Taking:
    includes - Hot-Key add function.
         - Instant Customer Address availability.
         - Global/Common Addresses
         - Includes special notes.
* Separate Vehicle and Driver Tracking.
* Supports Multi Currency.
* Bill-of-Lading control (detects duplicates, cross reference lookups).
* User-defined Charge Types including:
    - Drop Charges.
    - Misc. Charges (Unlimited).
    - Numeric Rate Tables based on Mileage, Weight, Skids, Pieces, # of Zones.
    - Alphabetic Rate Tables Based on Destinations or Zones.
    - Calculations include Maximum weight per piece (i.e. Skid).
    - Flat Prices, Prices per piece, Accumulative prices by Quantity breaks.
    - Automatic Extra charges based on Excessive Pieces, Weight, Hours or Mileage.
* Automatic City to city distance calculation.
* Creates Delivery Slips (for pegboard Dispatching) & Driver Delivery Orders (Optional).
* Dispatching including Date/Time stamps for Order, Dispatch and Delivery Confirmation,
    Signature and Driver Comments, and Outstanding Orders and undelivered Reports.
* Automatic Driver Commissions (Payroll Employees & Brokers).
    - Multiple Calculation methods and Deductions (Includes Driver Invoice to you).
* User defined code subsystem.
* User defined Period Comparison reporting by Salesperson, Revenue class, Vehicle and Customer.
* System Creates Salesperson Commissions per Invoice.
* COD (Cash & Check) Control Subsystem
* Head Office / Multiple Accounts per Customer.
* Full lookup scrolling windows on all validated and cross reference fields.
* Estimate versus Actual Costing module.
Interfaced to Other Modules
* Integrated to the Accounts Receivable Module.
* Integrated to General Ledger Module.
* Driver’s Commission is Integrated to Payroll & Accounts Payable Modules.
* Sales Commission is Integrated to Payroll Module.

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