The Service Module is based on Repair Orders (ROs) with automatically generated Order numbers. The ROs are initially set up with multiple “Problems” which are designated as “Customer Pays”, “Internal” or “Warranty”. Each problem may have Inventory, Labour and Sublet assigned to it. The Inventory, Labour and Sublet can be attached by referencing a predetermined “Procedure” or manually enter to build an Estimate (if required). Actual Inventory, Labour and Sublet are added to the RO as they occur or added later. The completed ROs are invoiced and directly update the Accounts Receivable.
The Customer's Service Units (Maximum of 6 per RO) are set up in an “Ownership” database for continuous access and history purposes. A Unit may be copied to a new Owner.

  • Specialized Menus for “Service Writer”, Mechanic (Technician), Seasonal and Full Module.
  • Module provides lookups to Existing Repair Orders, Customers, Service Units, Service History, Procedures, Major Unit Inventory (Pending Contracts for PDI) and Standard Inventory.
  • RO Function includes “Quick Input” for faster initial Customer thorough put, Quick Customer (Owner) setup, Customer Problems Listing, Detailed Parts, Labour and Sublet input, Mechanic Scheduling, Full access to Repair History, Complete Repair Order Summary attached to each Repair Order. Multiple “Warranty” Vendors are allowed on one Repair Order.
  • Seasonal Customer Requirements provide a “check list” approach to acquiring the specific “Winterizing” and “New Season” repairs requested by the Customer. The Seasonal “Check List” is then used to create a Repair Order.

Mechanic’s Function

  • Mechanic’s Menu includes “Login/Logout”, ability to print the Repair Order, Included Procedures, Parts Lists, Missing Costs and Labour, and other specific reports.
  • Mechanic Control and Scheduling - Available Timetable, Warranty / Non-Warranty Rates, Book Vs Actual Hours – Complete Mechanic Schedule, Assigned Work and Daily Schedule.
  • Detailed Mechanic Notes may be recorded against any Repair Order and/or any problem. These notes are available to be printed on the Customer’s RO Invoice Summary.


  • Management Reports include Promised Lists by Date and by RO#, Assigned List by Date, Volume Analysis, Profit Report and Mechanic’s Efficiency.
  • Most reports are available by Repair Order# with additional filters (such as Repair Order Date, Customer#, RO Status and Mechanic.).
  • Over 30 Reports include RO Parts Lists, Parts Used Report, Labour Report, Sublet Report, Missing Costs Report, Missing Warranty Vendors Report, Invoice Summary Report plus many more.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Inventory Control Module, Purchasing/Receiving Module and Major Unit Inventory.
  • Updates to General Ledger, Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable Modules

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