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Sales Order Module


  • The Sales Order Module forms the “Front-end” to the Distribution System (which includes the Inventory Control Module, Purchase Order and Receiving Module and Sales Analysis Module.
  • Orders are entered into the system, Picking Lists are Printed, Available product is recorded and the actual “Shipped” order is “Invoiced”.


  • Automatically generated Sales Order numbers.
  • Lookups to Existing Sales Orders, Customers, Inventory and other minor code structures.
  • Supporting files include multiple "Ship-to"/"Bill-to" file.
  • Discount methods include Line by line, Total order and Order value discounts.
  • Pricing methods may be set up as either Simple or Complex.  Simple Pricing supports markup from cost or discount from list based on product price groups and customer price types. Complex Pricing supports an eight layer price matrix which allows prices to be set by customer and product, customer and product price group, customer price type and product, customer price type and product price group, customer, product, customer price type, and finally, product price group. Each price layer supports markup from cost, discount from list and an exact price based on up to 16 quantity   breaks.
  • Costs used for price markups may be Standard, Average, Last or a user-defined non-accounting cost.
  • Drop Shipments are controlled without affecting stock available quantities.
  • Automatic audit file of adjusted prices (if override feature is activated).
  • Mailing Database update for cash customers.
  • Order Weight calculation.
  • Backorder subsystem controlled by both product and customer.
  • Orders may be processed singularly or by batch (date or order number).
  • Prints Picking Slips, Acknowledgements, Packing Slip and Quotations.
  • Lot Sum pricing of total order is available.
  • System calculates and displays order value at the regular price and at cost (if activated).
  • Allows cross over to Purchasing system - out-of-stock or non-stock inventory.
  • Tracks sales by serial number.
  • A "Notes" subsystem allows for printing of standard note information on all documents including picking slips, sales orders, purchase orders and invoices. Notes may be attached to customers, products and vendors as well as system notes.
  • "Available stock" popup and multiple substitution.


  • * Module includes multiple reports by Order#, Order Type, Items Sold, Shipping Date, plus more and includes Sales Summary, Detail Sold Report, Shipping Lists, Outstanding Lists, Back Order lists, Profit Analysis Report, Exception Reports, Audit reports, GL Distribution reports, GST Report, etc.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Purchasing and Receiving Module.
  • Integrated to Inventory control Module.
  • Updates to Sales Analysis, General Ledger and Accounts Receivable Modules.