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Rental Management Module

Sirtawn Systems


  • The Rental Management Module is designed to include all types of rentals using a Group Identifier (Slips, Moorings, Storage, Campsite, etc) & Unit ID (Location number or code) with addition details including Unit type, Wet or Dry and Inside or Outside, Maximum Dimensions (Length, Beam & Draft), Minimum Length, Master Rate Code (Rental Table), Billing Item# and Facilities Available (n/c, chargeable) plus more.
  • Each Reservation or Storage starts with a Tracking#, a Customer# and a requirement (Dates, Facilities, etc.) and then the user matches up the requirements with the available facilities and dates from the “Available/Not Used Schedule” or using the Habour, Storage or Campground Map. A formal Rental or Storage Contract (or Camping Contract) may be printed.
  • Rental/Storage charges plus miscellaneous charges may be billed daily, weekly, monthly, by season or yearly.
  • The system includes 2 separate rental databases to allow separate control of, for example, slips and storage, slips and campgrounds or 2 separate harbor areas. 
  • The system is initially setup with a "Slips Management" and a "Storage Management" but these can be changed. The system will support multiple Groups within 1 management area.
  • The Slip Management Module and the Storage Management Module are designed as “Twin” Modules. This means that the design, inputs and the daily processes are similar in each module to enhance ease of use. Information such as Unit Details (Name, Size, Insurance, …) can be transferred between modules. The Slip Module has a Slip Master Setup and the Storage Module has a Storage Master Setup. The Storage Master Setup allows the user to define all storage locations in detail (i.e. Racks) or as a location “Area” (Yard” or “Barn”).
  • Each Marina slip area, storage facility or Campgrounds may be graphically represented by a interactive display. Colours are used to represent rental unit status (for example, Slip#, Storage Code or Campsite). Red is a Permanent contract, Green is “Available” (no contract), Blue is a “Temporarily Available” (Rental facility is not used) and White represents a reservation. The colours displayed relate to date in the top right corner of the display. The user may scan forward or backward dates by pressing the “Plus” and “Minus” keys (Part of the numeric pad of the keyboard) and the colours will change according to the facility “Status” for that date. The details of the slip are displayed by using the “Left Button” of the mouse and the details of the rental are displayed by using the “Right Button” of the mouse.