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  • The Payroll Module is a standard payroll package that has been expanded to include a Commission Subsystem, an Employee Scheduling Subsystem and an Employee Time Clock Subsystem.
  • All parts of the module are integrated but do not need to be used.


  • The Payroll Module is drive by a Master Payroll Constants database that reflects the government Tax Deduction Guidebook (for easy yearly updates).
  • The Payroll Module update to the General ledger (by department if used) includes UIC earnings and expense, CPP earnings and expense, Bank, Taxes, wages, EHT, Ontario Health Premium, Individual Benefits and Deductions (GL Account Codes may be set up by department).
  • System integrates with Accounts Payable checks (i.e. check numbers, reconciliation and forms) or to separate “Payroll” account, checks and reconciliation.
  • The Benefits and Deduction update based on a maximum of 5 times per month, may be based on Dollar value or Percentage of Gross or Net (taxable or non-taxable) and may be limited to a yearly maximum.
  • The System accrues Vacation Pay and/or Sick Pay liability and amount paid. It supports Salary, Hourly, Commission, Vacation and Bonus Payrolls, multiple payrolls and pay cycles and flexible pay periods. The “Hourly” calculations include Regular, Overtime and Double Time pay.
  • A simple Payroll Input program allows for the entry   -->  of hourly employees “Hours”, and for all employees “piece work”, commissions, extra hours at a different rate (no limit), one time deductions, vacation pay and “Bonus” payments
  • Personal Tax credit input matches TD1 form.
  • Detailed year-to-date records that Prints T4's and Employment History.
  • The Employee Schedule allows all employees to be schedule weeks in advance (if required) and includes a “Copy Schedule” Function, Employee substitution, Employee “Work Schedule” printout and interfaces with the “Time Clock”. Management may review and adjust “Time Worked” and directly transfer it to the next payroll.
  • Commissions Subsystem is automatically updated from other modules where a salesperson has been included in the Sale. Also, commissions may be manually entered (Lookup, Edit and Print feature are included). The Commissions are updated to the next payroll into the Payroll “Commissions Bucket” are calculated as part of the next “Payroll Generation”.


  • Management Reports include Employee’s Scheduled Report, Actual verse Scheduled Report, Weekly Schedule with Costs Report and Payroll Summary Report.
  • Most reports are available by Employee# with additional filters (such as Status, Payroll Type, Department and Payroll#).
  • Reports include Payroll Input List, Payroll Edit List, Payroll Posting Journal by Payroll and by Employee, T4s, Time Clock Edit by Employee Report, Weekly Schedule List, Employee History List (by Year and by Employee), Vacation Accrual List, Employee List plus many more.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Accounts Receivable, Point-of Sale, Sales order, Service, Major Unit Inventory, Transportation, and Project Management Modules (for Commission purposes).
  • Updates to Commissions Subsystem, Employee Schedule Subsystem and General Ledger.