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The Manufacturing Module includes several Basic Sub-modules  & Functions

  • Bill of Materials.
  • Product Routing
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planing
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Job Costing
  • Labor Performance
  • Shop Calendar Function.
  • Work Center / Machine setup.

Overview by Sub-Module

  • Bill of Material includes: Sequencing of Bill, Quantity Used, Scrap Factor, Status, Effective Date and the ability to track Active, Forecast and Obsolete parts. Printing Single Level BOM, Indented BOM, Where-used List, Summarized BOM and Gross Requirements Report.
  • Standard Costing defines standard costs for material, labour and outside work.
  • Product Routing includes: Routing Number with Release Number, Creation Date and Description, Std. Lots and Lead times with overlap percentage. Route Details defines Route Types: Operation, Tools, OutSource and Notes. Also defines Operation Types (Setup, Inspection, Move, Production and Rework) and defines Work centers, Machine Number, Load Code, & Manufacturing Parameters. Includes Route copy function with Re-sequencing, Print Operation / Tool Where-used Report, Routing Sheet and Lead Time Roll-up Report.
  • Master and Work Order Scheduling controls the Material Plan & the Master Scheduling Functions. Includes Order Status and Order Type, Manufacturing Item, Quantity, Route#  & Allocation Control, Printing Work Orders, Material Plan, Suggested Purchase Order Report, MRP Exception Report, Pegging Report and  Master Schedule Detail Report.
  • Material Requirements Planning defines Materials required for each step of manufacturing.
  • Shop Floor Control defines the Machines and Personnal requirements on the Shop Floor.
  • Labour Performance, Time Tickets and Accounting

Other Functions and Reporting

  • Work Center Loading and Reports.
  • Daily Count Point Reporting.
  • Rough Cut Capacity Report and Exception Report.
  • Labor Performance Reporting and Job Cost Reporting.
  • Shop Calendar Control and Reporting.
  • Work Center Detail Leveling Function and Reporting.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to the Inventory Module (Raw & Finished Goods)
  • Integrated to Accounting Modules.
  • Integrated to Sales Order Processing Module.
  • Time Tickets maybe integrated into the Payroll Module

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Manufacturing Module