Dealer Configuration and Build Function

  • Set up Manufacturer’s Makes, Models and options.
  • Set up Dealer Options.
  • Create multiple Configurations (using Build numbers) for Inventory or Customers (Potential or Orders).

Purchase Order Function

  • Create “Special” Major Unit Purchase Orders based on “Build#”.
  • Receive directly to Major Unit Stock Inventory and update Service Module.

Major Unit Stock Inventory

  • Unique Stock#, unit description, motor details (max of 3), License#, etc.
  • Inventory “Status” (Available, Pending, Invoiced, Layaway, Hold, Awaiting Financing).
  • 50 “Special description” fields for “Included” / “Options” for this unit.
  • Supports Unit Kits and “Roll-up” costing and “Pricing”.
  • Includes detailed costs from
  • Interface to Service Module for quick set-up of Service Unit (PDI, etc).

Contract Function (Structured after Boating Ontario Standard Contract)

  • Multiple Buyers per Unit, Existing Customer.
  • Maximum of 6 Major Units per Contract.
  • Multiple Notes and Special Instructions input.
  • Unlimited “Trade In” with separate process update to inventory (Book / Trade-in Value). Detailed “Trade-in” information transferred to MU Inventory and Service Units.
  • Lien Control.
  • Fees, Products/Services and Warranty input.
  • Add Options from “Standard Inventory”, Dealer Options or Manufacturer Options (no charge or extra / special charge).
  • Multiple deposits management by a special “Trust Accounting” function (Maximum of 3 payment methods per deposit and supports multi-currency) with Deposit Receipts.
  • Separate Contract Invoicing function (3 methods of payment, multi-currency).
  • Contract Cancellation with ability to transfer deposits to a new contract.

Floor Plan Function

  • Floor Plan with Payment Schedule for each unit by stock#.
  • Complete Payment Processing that matches the Floor Plan Interest Report from the Vendor. Payment per Unit, Adjustments, Interest and Insurance may be entered. Once completed, a Cheque may be created into AP automatically (AP must print).
  • Floor Plan Current Balance Report.
  • Floor Plan Current Due Report.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Batch Control and detailed Report included with update to General Ledger.
  • Integrated to Inventory control Module.
  • Updates to Accounts Receivable Modules.
  • Integrated to Service Module.

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Major Unit Inventory Module

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