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Bar Codes supported

Kit and Core Subsystems

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Sirtawn System's

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Sirtawn Systems

/or Item, Salesperson,

Product Group

Reporting by Customer and

Detailed Usage Tracking


Shipping Function

Day End Processing

User Vendor's Price Books

Inventory Control

Preprogrammed Hot Keys

Full Password subsystem

Transaction Tracking

Includes Sales, Cost, Qty,

Comparative Reporting

Inventory Item Image

Distribution Module

Employee Scheduler

Time Clock Input

Detailed PO Inquiries

Tracking Special Orders

Vendor Price Books

Business Software Solutions designed for the specific needs of the industry.

Report Writer

Budget Planning

Multiple Pay Rates

Bar Codes Subsystem

Complete PO History

Receiving Labels


Notes Subsystem

Picking & Packing Slips

600 Lookups/Inquiries

700+Reports (Print Preview)

Sales Commission

Payroll History

Integrated to Purchasing

Suggested Reorders


Full History

Includes multiple filters

12 Month Reporting

Vac. Accrual Control


Built-in Export Function