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Accounts Receivable Module

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The Accounts Receivable Module consists of 2 subsystems. First is an independent “Manual Invoicing” subsystem that may be used to generate “Adhoc” invoices at anytime (It is also used by some of the other modules – such as Transportation and Moving” – to create “Summary” Invoices.) The second subsystem includes the “Cash Posting” and the “Customer Receivables”. All modules post their receivables to this centralized subsystem.


  • Computer controlled Invoice Numbers.
  • Manual Invoices include “Free Format” Invoice Details, multiple “GL Revenue” splits, Payments Received and Posting to Projects (plus other features).
  • The “Cash Posting” function tracks unpaid invoices, unpaid debits, unapplied payments, payments (Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards) and credits. It displays a continuously calculated 30/60/90 day balance for the customer. User may “View” original document (i.e. “See” a Sales Invoice slip that resulted in the Customer’s Receivable). System controls the “Unposted” (Unapplied) portion on the payment.
  • Includes “Aged Trial Balance” Customer Lookup, “AR Transaction” Lookup and “AR Transaction Audit” Lookup.
  • Create Interest on Overdue Customer Accounts (Directly applied to an Account or with an Invoice).
  • Complete AR History function.


  • Management Reports include Price Audit Report by Employee and by Customer, Customer Over Due Report and several “Aged Trial Balance” reports.
  • Most reports are available by Customer# with additional filters (such as Document Date, Status and Details or Summary.).
  • Reports include Customer Statements, AR Audit by Customer, Open Item List, Customer Lists, Customer Labels, Outstanding Invoice List, Tax Exemption List, plus many more.
  • Customer Statements are controlled by the Customer’s requirement for a statement. Or, the User may manually “Select” which Customer’s Statement to print by simply “Flagging” the Customer and then printing the “selected” group.

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Inventory Control, Point-of-sale, Sales Order, Transportation, Local Moving, Major Unit Inventory, Service, Project Management, Publishing, Warehousing Modules.
  • Updates to General Ledger, Commission and Sales Analysis Modules.