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Accounts Payable Module

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  • The Accounts Payable Module consists of 4 distinct functions – Invoice Setup, Cash Requirement (with payment), AP Auditing (Manual checks, Void Checks and Check Reconciliation) and Updates to other modules (GL, Projects, etc.). Costs may also be posted directly to a Project and Project Phase (milestone of the project).


  • Invoice Entry is Batch Controlled for auditing purposes. Invoices are “cross checked” to current and history databases for duplication. Input allows unlimited GL Distribution and Project Distribution (if applicable) plus a short AP reference notes. User may directly lookup Sales Order (Special Orders), Service (Parts and Sublets on Repair Orders) and Purchase Orders (PO Lookup and PO Lookup by Item#). The Function provides a “Quick Invoice Distribution” for invoices that are distributed to “GST Paid” and the Vendor’s standard GL Expense#. Prepaid invoices may have payment details entered and processed in a single step.
  • Multiple check formats are supported including several “Nebs” standard dot matrix or Laser checks types.
  • Check Reprint Function.
  • Automatic “Approve to Pay” function (for Due Invoices) with a manual payment adjustment function  allows deferred payment (or place on “Hold”), partial payment and priority changes for each invoice. “Lookup/Input” displays invoice and payment details as the “Hi-light” bar is scrolled.
  • Manual and Void check Functions.
  • Complete AP History function with Lookups and History Reports.
  • Check Reconciliation Function.
  • Vendor Performance subsystem and lookup.
  • Open Item Lookup, Batch control Lookup, Vendor Lookup.


  • Management Reports include Cash Requirements Report (for Payment control and authorization), Vendor Priority List and several “AP Aging” reports.
  • Most reports are available by Vendor# with additional filters (such as Invoice Date, Payment Date, Status and Details or Summary).
  • Reports include Check Register, Reconciliation Report, AP Paid List, Open Item List, Check Master List, Vendor Lists, Vendor Labels, AP Project Distribution Report, AP Entry Report, plus many more.
  •  Report on Project Costs in total and / or by detail (by Phase)

Interface to Other Modules

  • Integrated to Purchase and Receiving, Sales order, Service, Project Management Modules.
  • Updates to General Ledger Module and Vendor Analysis Sub-Module.